"As an openly queer musician, Chris Conde combines the classically detached spheres of hip hop, indie rock and avant-garde experimental art punk of the drag variety. In his sometimes hysterical but always poignant bars, Conde strives to relate to his audience through an honest communication of his personal narrative of overcoming drug addiction, internalized homophobia and self-acceptance.

His unflinchingly genuine persona is distributed evenly across a variety of melodious reincarnations – Diamond Daggerz the drag queen rapper/alter-ego whose obsessed with all things occult, Chris Conde the banjo and guitar-playing folk singer and Chris Conde – leader of numerous alternative-rap subsidiary projects. As a clever lyricist with an eccentric persona, Conde's performances resonate with any audience member who has ever felt jumbled up in a liminal state of ambiguity. He is constantly trying to obtain a sense of solace and understanding, a message of undeniable reliability. Whether rapping in full drag to a produced beat, singing with a fully-backed orchestration or simply crooning alongside a few acoustic instruments, Conde's unabashed dialogue of acceptance sets him apart from the majority in the genres of music he’s connected to."

Photo: Jaime Monzon